The 4 Day Workweek Campaign leads the transition to a 4 day workweek in the US for the benefit of all workers, organizations, and society.

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4 days/32 hours for the same pay, same benefits, and same output.
A 4 day workweek works.

A hundred years ago, we began the shift from working six day weeks to five. We’re long overdue for an update. The four day workweek is a reduction in the work week from a standard 40 hours to 32 hours for the same pay and benefits. This reduction has been proven to work for employees and for employers in nearly every industry – from schools and restaurants to law firms and tech companies.

COVID-19 made it clear we can find a better balance between work and life. 85% of U.S. adults already approve of moving to a four day workweek. To make it happen, we have to move together and push for a better future.

Support for a 4 day workweek

Dean Baker

Economist, Co-founder of Center for Economic and Policy Research

“A 4 day workweek would be a big step benefiting those who still must be physically present at their workplace. It will give workers three full days a week to be their family or to pursue educational or leisure activities. It is also one of the cheapest steps imaginable to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Twenty percent fewer commutes means 20 percent less emissions, before even considering the reductions associated with less congestion. The recovery from the pandemic is a great time to take this big step."

Everette Taylor

CEO at Kickstarter

"There's so many useless meetings that we tend to be in or unnecessary process, and when you start to like really examine those and optimize your time, you realize that, wait a minute, if I cut out these unnecessary meetings, if I'm more focused during my time, I can accomplish just as much or more in a shortened work week than an average 40-hour workweek."

Heidi Shierholz

Former Chief Economist, U.S. Dept of Labor

"What workplace transition could improve wellbeing, strengthen families, cut 7.3 million cars on the road (150 million tons of CO2 emissions a year)? A 4 day work week."

Caryn Hubbard

VP Finance, Buffer

“Our shift to the flexibility of a 4 day workweek has been one of the most key things keeping my family of 5 healthy & safe this past year. The trust & flexibility to work the schedule that works for me & my family is everything.”

Jeanette Huezo

Executive Director, United for a Fair Economy

“The 4 day work week is important to me because it reflects the values of our organization, United for a Fair Economy. Our work against racial and economic inequality requires a lot of intense labor not only mentally but also emotionally, and so we need to learn how to balance our commitment to build a different society with having work-life balance and healthy relationships. As an organization fighting to create a better world, we believe in the importance of putting the human being at the center of that work, and that includes the well-being and time of our staff.”

Jamie Henn

Co-founder of, climate activist

“Less time at the office means more time to help save the climate. Cutting down on things like commuting will surely help reduce emissions, but the thing that excites me most about a 4 day work week is that it frees up people's time to engage in the causes they feel passionate about, including the environment. Solving the climate crisis is the most essential work of this century; setting aside a few more hours to engage in that struggle, or to just go out and appreciate this incredible planet we have, would be a very good thing indeed.”

Bruno Chemel

Co-owner and head chef, Baumé

“I was not focusing on my job, I have a lot of stress, a lot of energy out, and I was so tired, but at the end of the day, for what?… Then we realized that... [the] more you work, less efficient you are, more tired. Then you realize, working less, you are more efficient. Opening four days make us more efficient, more focused, and better.”

Richard Branson

Business magnate, investor, and author

“The idea of working five days a week with two day weekends and a few weeks of annual holiday is just something people accept. For some reason, it is considered set in stone by most companies. There is no reason this can’t change. In fact, it would benefit everyone if it did…. By working more efficiently, there is no reason why people can’t work less hours and be equally – if not more – effective. People will need to be paid more for working less time, so they can afford more leisure time. That’s going to be a difficult balancing act to get right, but it can be done.”

Jennifer Njuguna

COO at Common Future

"We want to restore rest and joy for staff doing work in an area that can often feel extractive. Perhaps we don’t move the mountain today, but we can at least get the time we need to get more rest and to feel more joy, so that we are energized as we continue to press forward...We want our staff to know that we see them and their humanity."