The 4 Day Workweek Campaign leads the transition to a 4 day workweek in the US for the benefit of all workers, organizations, and society.

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The 4 Day Workweek Campaign leads the transition to a four day workweek in the US for the benefit of all workers, organizations, and society. The 4 Day Workweek Campaign is the only US organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the transition to a four day workweek. It is led by a group of committed business leaders, advocates, and volunteers who are dedicated to transforming the future of work and society to be more balanced, healthy, and productive. Over the last two years, we have brought the issue in the US to the fore of the future of work discussion, helped recruit dozens of employers to adopt a four day workweek, and worked with policy makers at the state and federal level on four day workweek legislation.

In 2021, we launched the movement for a four day workweek in the US in collaboration with the 4 Day Week Global Foundation. Since then, we’ve seen a phenomenal rise in demand for a four day workweek in the US and across the world.

Key Achievements

  • Launch of the US movement for a four day workweek in collaboration with the 4 Day Week Global Foundation, taking it from a long standing dream of people everywhere to a central idea about the future of work and a reality for an increasing number of people.
  • First US four day workweek pilot with 33 employers participating and support from researchers from Boston College and Cambridge University in 2022.
  • ~45,000 days returned to people in the first 12 months since the launch of the US pilot.
  • Press coverage and interviews with virtually every major media organization, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Atlantic, CNBC, BBC, and NBC Nightly News.
  • Four day workweek legislation in Congress, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. With more on the way...

The 4 Day Workweek Campaign Team

Jon Leland

Jon Leland is the Chief Strategy Officer at Kickstarter, the leading global crowdfunding platform for creative projects. He launched the US 4 Day Week Campaign in 2021 in partnership with the 4 Day Week Global Foundation. He led Kickstarter's transition to a four day workweek in 2022, was named one of CNN's top risk takers in business the same year, and has been interviewed on the four day workweek by NBC Nightly News, CBS Prime Time News, the BBC, and dozens of other media outlets.

Jon Steinman

Jon Steinman runs advocacy and communications campaigns for Protect Democracy. Previously he helped launch the U.S. Office of Congressional Ethics, where he led communications and outreach efforts and secured its reauthorization for continued operations. Following the 2016 election, he co-founded a cybersecurity startup dedicated to government and nonprofit clients. He is a former reporter for Bloomberg News, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times.

Vishal Reddy

Vishal Reddy is a lawyer and a former community and political organizer who currently works at Local Progress to help drive powerful policy change in localities across the country. He has a fierce belief and passion in building and amplifying people-powered movements: in the 2020 election cycle, he worked for Bernie 2020 campaign and for People’s Action, where he led a texting program that activated over 15,000 nationwide volunteers in just six months. He is passionate about the four day week because of the material gains it will bring to workers.

Scott Greytak

Scott Greytak is a democracy attorney and the Director of Advocacy for the U.S. presence of the world's largest anticorruption organization, where he works to fortify democracy in the U.S. and around the world by designing laws and policies, organizing ideologically inclusive coalitions, and lobbying the U.S. Congress and Administration. Scott believes that meaningful and consistent civic engagement is critical to a truly representative and responsive democracy, and that such engagement can only be achieved equitably when all Americans are free to commit the time and energy necessary to participating in their democracy.

Jackson Kerchis

Jackson is a professional Happiness Nerd. He is a speaker, author, and founding Partner at Happiness Means Business where does executive coaching, training, and cultural transformations for corporate and military clients. Before working at the intersection of happiness and business he spent time as a startup executive, management consultant, and Zen monk. He believes that a 4 day workweek will serve his mission of creating a happier world for employees, employers, and future generations.

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