The 4 Day Workweek Campaign leads the transition to a 4 day workweek in the US for the benefit of all workers, organizations, and society.

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Anyone interested in joining the conversation and campaign for the four day workweek is welcome to join our Slack. This is a movement for all of us. To join the Slack, fill out this brief form. After you submit your application, look out for an email with a link to join our Slack channels.

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Our campaign is a volunteer-run organization. Because the four day week is something that benefits all of us, we want all of us to contribute to our organization. In order to bring the four day week to more workers and employers, we need you to become a leader too. This is an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to this movement at its earliest stages. We believe in radical hospitality and the belief that we all do better when we all do better. If you hold those values too and are passionate about the four day workweek, we are the right place for you. 

How to Volunteer with Us?
1. Apply to volunteer below.
2. You’ll receive a link in your email to join our Slack Channel.
3. Teams and projects are largely coordinated via Slack but occasionally, Impact Teams will have team-wide meetings and/or use an email list to communicate with one another. Stay tuned to what’s happening in each team’s Slack channel to follow along.

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Currently, we have five Impact Teams that drive forward the strategy of the organization.

Impact Teams for Everyone:

Organizing and Community Building Impact Team

We are building a community of advocates interested in the four-day workweek. This group ensures that everyone joining our movement feels welcomed, 

This is the group for you if…you’re passionate about building connections with other advocates, creating volunteer structures to ensure everyone has a meaningful opportunities to contribute, and interested in building community with others advocating for a four day workweek.

Employer and Worker Engagement Impact Team

This group will help bring the four day workweek to more workers by engaging employers and providing resources that encourage employers and workers to implement and advocate for the four day workweek in their workplace. This group will help orient and support employers interested in passing the four day week  into their respective workplace

This is the group for you if…you are passionate about bringing the four day workweek to more workplaces by helping workers and employers find resources that will facilitate their transition to the four day week.

Skills-Specific Impact Teams:

Public Policy Research Impact Team:

Public policy is one tool we want to use to bring the four day week to more workers. Members of this group will drive forward policy research that identifies the different policy levers that can advance the 4DWW. Members will also connect with legislators who are advancing the four day week in their jurisdictions.

This is the group for you if…you are interested in the long-term vision for the four day workweek, engaging with work time reduction research across a variety of fields (i.e. legal, economics, sociology, history, etc.), and driving forward the four day workweek via public policy.

Communications and Design Impact Team:

Building a campaign requires strong communications and messaging. We want to strengthen the narrative that the four day workweek is something that benefits all of us. 

This is the group for you if… you’re familiar with different social media or email platforms, interested in thinking about how to craft winning messages for the four day week, and/or interested in developing graphics and logos for campaigns.

Tech and Data Impact Team:

Every movement requires the maintenance and strengthening of its digital infrastructure, from software that manages internal and external communications, to programs that help pipeline employers interested in the 4DW to pilot programs, to our website. 

This is the group for you if…you have experience with software engineering, managing and working with data infrastructure, and more.