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Key Dates
Planning phase: September 1st - November 30th 2023
Trial period: December 1st 2023 - June 30th 2024

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The 2023 4 day workweek pilot is a coordinated, six-month trial of a 4 day workweek, with no loss in pay for employees supported by our partner organization, the 4 Day Week Global Foundation. The 2022 pilot was uniformly successful for participating employers and covered extensively in the press, including CNN, CNBC, Forbes, and the Society for Human Resources Management.

Who should participate?
Organizations who are interested in productivity-focused, reduced-hour working, or those who have considering trialling or introducing a 4 day workweek. You will have unparalleled access to the expertise, tools and resources you need to run a smooth and successful trial.

What is involved?
The 4 day workweek pilot program is divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Planning
During this phase, 4 Day Week will help you choose a schedule that works for your organization, define what success looks like, create a communication strategy and help prepare you to deal with a variety of potential scenarios. You will know how to outline your proposed 4 day workweek and have a bank of written scenarios and responses, metrics and KPIs to track progress, and talking points and emails for keeping stakeholders informed. You will also participate in our global research program so you can benchmark your organization for your own information and see how you compare with others in your community.

Phase 2: Trial
During this phase, 4 Day Week will support you in redesigning the workday, improving technology use and the overall work culture. You will receive guidance on adapting meetings and tools, experimenting with new practices and updating daily calendars. You will also receive support  in reforming culture documents and practices. The pilot program includes a library of constantly updated courses and facilitated workshops, one-on-one support, and weekly office hours.

It includes:

  • Membership to the 4 Day Week Global online community
  • One-on-one support sessions
  • Courses and facilitated workshops
  • Events and chat spaces on a community platform
  • Ask Me Anything sessions
  • Weekly livestreams
  • Monthly workshops with advocates and community members
  • A library with FAQs, artifacts, playbooks, and exercises
  • Detailed case studies and methodology regarding running a 4 day workweek trial
  • Onboarding and preparation to get companies trial ready
  • Global publicity through the 4 Day Week Global media network, and support on messaging offered to participating companies who wish to promote their involvement

What does it involve?
To put you and your organization in the best position to succeed, the pilot includes:

  • Training: Programs and resources designed and delivered by organizations who have successfully implemented a 4 day workweek. This will include things like virtual events, digital resources and workshops to help with common challenges, pitfalls, and misconceptions.
  • Mentoring: You will have access to office hours for consulting with experts. Additionally, you will be able to engage in live discussions with entrepreneurs and executives who have successfully transitioned their organizations to a 4 day workweek.
  • Community Membership: brings you together with other participants both in your country and globally. This community of leaders will act as a peer-support network to share learnings and experiences with.
  • Research and Analysis: Research for the pilot is conducted by a team of world-class academics who conduct surveys to assess the long-term impact of the 4 day workweek on factors like your company's performance; employee engagement, health and wellness; and work-life balance. Information gathered for research is anonymous.

While there is a general pathway for the pilot, it is flexible. We want you to be able to adapt things according to what’s happening in your world, with your employees and your organization’s specific requirements.

What is the timeline?

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